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Irish writer and personality, Oscar Wilde, once said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Effective marketing is about identifying and communicating your story, your unique brand personality and what you bring to the world. Today’s consumers are looking for good products but, more than that, they are seeking good companies. Finding your honest and authentic story is KEY to reaching people. Marketing doesn’t have to be a soulless quest for more sales. Let‘s make it about tapping into your passion, embracing your story and finding your unique voice...then connecting with your ideal audience.

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There is no one size fits all in marketing. It's the same for work style and method. You may want me to churn out copy or you might need a collaborative approach. I may be an extension of your established marketing team or one of the first to develop your messaging. It's about doing what works and finding the best process for you. Services include:

Brand Messaging Development

- Support with defining your unique brand, key messaging, origin story and USP.

- Developing content and copy for any and all marketing and promotional pieces from your website to your blog to social media. Support with strategy and approach, making sure you are focusing on the right avenues for best conversion rates.

- Image procurement - photography and stock images for digital and print 

- Design/layout services for digital and print

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